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1.jpgWe Engineer Every Project From Initial Inquiry Through Delivery

Innovation in materials, design and manufacturing are vital to competitiveness. That’s why when any casting design is being considered, having the casting supplier and machining source collaborate will result in the best finished part. Because MiBo Machinery is a one-stop service from inital material selection and structure design of the product to the finished part ,MiBo Machinery will provide solid support to you, and make sure to avoid unnecessary detours and engineering change. Try to Let us meet your time-to-market and budgetary parameters.  


3D model design

In most cases,if you can't provide the 3D model of the product, MiBo Machinery can use your 2D drawings or samples to create a 3D model, we can handle most CAD file formats including IGES, Pro-E, SolidWorks,STP, UG , Catia and Parasolid.if you provide the 2D drawings and 3D models  and/or  your samples. We will analyse these original data, and find out if there are any differences among them. And inform you about our questions and suggestions. We usually complete the model within 1 to 3 days. 


Tooling model making

Our most of tooling designers have rich experience in tooling design,they can confirm the parting line and position of gate very quickly, they are quite farmiliar with melted aluminium material  flow characteristic. We can design the tooling core and cavity at very short time given our  years of technology advancements and experiences, and also standardize the tooling base according to the tonnage of the different die casting machines, we need only to call out them when designing the tooling.


Simulation flow analysis

As an integral part of our engineering, honor Industry & Trade is constantly striving to improve quality, increase technical know-how, and offer the best customer service. With that focus, we offer simulation flow analysis for those parts and designs, where seeing how the liquid metal flows, cools and solidifies in the mold, before making the actual pattern, could result in reducing prototyping time and avoid unforeseen porosity or shrink issues.



To verify if the design of the jigs is reasonable and the selection of cutters is right, the cutter path simulation is a necessary process. At the same time, it can also help us get the shortest manufacturing path,and save our manufacturing time. in addition,it will also help us find out if there are interferences between the cutters and the jigs,This will reduce lead-time substantially, and enable you to get your product to the market faster. 

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